My group welcomes self-motivated students interested in research. Please check out the Prospective Students page.

My group welcomes collaborations! We have hosted multiple invited talks in the past. If you are interested in presenting your research in my group, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

PhD Students

Master Students

  • Gaurav Singh (2022 Spring)
  • Janit Bidhan (2022 Fall)

Undergraduate Students

  • Sai Adith Senthil Kumar (2024 Spring --, funded by VA CCI)
  • Saipavan Perepa (2024 Spring --, funded by VA CCI)
  • Jessica Nguyen (2024 Spring --)
  • Wijdane Mifdal (2023 Fall --, funded by OSCAR)
  • Qineng Wang (2023 Spring -- 2023 Winter, remote intern from ZJU -> PhD@Northwestern)
  • Mariana Ritchie (2022 Spring)
  • Brian Meike (2022 Spring)
  • Soumithri Gadepalli (2022 Spring)
  • Yintao Tai (2021 Fall, remote intern from UofEdinburgh -> MS@UofEdinburgh)

High school Students

  • Mihir Kulshreshtha (2023 Summer, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, through ASSIP Program; published abstract --> BS@Cornell)
  • Anika Giri (2023 Summer, Chantilly High School)

Group Photos

Group activity at Shenandoah in Spring'24. L2R: Surendra, Murong, Hao, Saurabh, Mohamed, Ziyu, Dingkang, Daking, and Min.
Elias's visit in Spring'23. L2R: Murong, Saurabh, Hao, Daking, Ziyu, Mohamed, Elias, and Long.
GMU NLP at NAACL'22, Seattle, WA. L2R: Roy, Saurabh, Ziyu, Antonis, Daking, and Fahim.


Our research was funded by the following projects. We are grateful for all the support!

Securing the Supply Chain of Large Language Models as Software. Role: PI, 01/2024-12/2024. w/ Xiaokuan Zhang (GMU)
Azure credits for Accelerating Foundation Models Research. Role: PI, Sept 2023-Jan 2024.
Collaborative Research: SHF: Medium: Toward Understandability and Interpretability for Neural Language Models of Source Code. Role: PI@GMU, 2023-2027. w/ Kevin Moran (PI@UCF) and Denys Poshyvanyk (PI@W&M)
IARPA’s STG AI-ML Solutions Program. Role: Co-PI, 2023-2024. w/ Ali Raz (PI@GMU), Shou Matsumoto (GMU), and Paulo Costa (GMU)
Securing Interactions between Humans and Machines. Role: PI, 2022-2023. w/ Tyler H. Shaw (GMU)
NSF Convergence Accelerator Track G: Secure Texting over Non-cooperative Networks and Anti-jamming Enhancement in 5G. Role: Senior Personnel, 2022-2023. Led by Kai Zeng (PI@GMU)
AI Engineering Seedlings. Role: Co-PI, 2021-2022. w/ Ali Raz (PI@GMU), Shou Matsumoto (GMU), and Paulo Costa (GMU)
Startup Fund from CEC and CS, GMU Libraries, and the Office of Research Computing